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Expedited Trial & Public Execution for All Criminals alleged in Terrorist & Anti State Activities in Pakistan

To The President/Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan - Dear Sir(s) In wake of recent terrorist attack of 16th December this menace of terrorism has exceeded all limits of tolerance and has reached the compounds of our homes killing our kids. In this regard it is pertinent to punish theses miscreants to the point where it sets the limits of our moral values and a permanent deterrence to such activities forever.The initiative of the government in removing the ban from execution is a highly positive step towards setting these values and is much appreciated.This petition is hereby put forward to give an expedited trail and public execution orders of all the terrorists already in the custody of the state and to allow a national movement to reach out to their hideouts and bring them out in public to be punished in front of the teared eyes of the nation who cannot sustain this unbearable loss of our future heroes.

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